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Why You Need Specialty Rentals at Your Next Event

Whether you are a professional event planner, planning your own wedding, or throwing your best friend an amazing 40th birthday party, all of us have one thing in common: we want our party to be amazing. We want our guests to ooh and ahhh and have the best time and say “how did you do it?!” and “take my picture” because it just looks so dang good. I’ll let you in on a secret: the most successful party planners know that a memorable, kick ass event includes an order with the local cool kids of the event rental world. The design-forward, unique, collected, personality packed Specialty Rental Company is your golden ticket to the party of the year. Boutique Rental companies know how to make you look DANG GOOD and they deliver. Most cities have an array of basic rental companies to choose from and that order will cover your tables and chairs, maybe the bar, etc. Here are three things you need from your local Specialty rental company. Have these at your event and your guests will never want to leave.

1. Soft Seating!!

Soft Seating

Gone are the days when you can get away with just tables and chairs. You need lounges. We recommend one lounge per 50 guests if you have the space. Adding in soft seating to the nooks and corners of the room give people a place to mingle when they’re not on the dance floor. This way, they’re not stuck chatting only with the people assigned to their table all night. If you’re having a party, you need soft seating, preferably from a Specialty/Boutique rental company- they’re going to have the unique pieces so you can truly cater to the vibe of your event.

2. Decor Elements

Decor Elements

Most specialty rental companies have an array of interesting pieces that you can get creative with for your event. Think candlesticks, large tapestries or macrame pieces, vintage glassware, interesting bar backs or antique furniture that can be used as place card holders etc. We have an old chicken coop that people have put candles in or florals. We have several vintage screens that can be used as photo booth backdrops or ceremony backdrops- the possibilities are endless!

3. Rugs

Rugs Rentals

Adding rugs throughout your event will instantly raise the cool factor. Your guests may not know why, but you will! Most boutique rental companies have a wide variety of rugs from persian to oriental to moroccan to take your party to the next level. Think layered rugs at the entrance, a large rug as a dance floor, a rug for the band, and of course you will want rugs in your soft seating areas.

I hope I have convinced you that soft seating, decor elements, and rugs are necessities for a cool event! Here in Middle Tennessee, be sure to call yours truly, Spark Vintage Rentals for your specialty rental needs- we can’t wait to help you make your next party one for the books!!!

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