Erin is a delight to work with. She listens to your needs and finds great solutions. She is always responsive and we look forward to doing business with Spark Vintage again!

Inquire About Staging


    Q: What kind of homes do you stage? 

    A: We stage vacant homes with a focus on Nashville’s character homes such as historic homes, renovations, and unique properties. Listings under 3,500 square feet and $1.5 million list price are our specialty. 

    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Our basic staging package is $1850 and includes; Living Room, Entry, (1) Dining Area, Kitchen, Primary Bedroom + Primary Bath. We charge by the room to make adjusting to your budget easy! Email us for a custom quote for your property! 

    Q: What are the payment terms for staging?

    A: A 50% deposit and signed agreement are required to reserve staging. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the staging.

    Q: How long can the staging stay in the house?

    A: Our standard staging term is 30 days from completion of staging. Once the initial 30 day term is up, you may extend your term for 30 days at a time. Each 30 day extension is half of the initial staging fee. So if your initial fee was $1850, your extension will be $925. We kindly request a limit of 2 extensions unless special circumstances, such as an HPR multiple listing transfer situation, arise.

    Q: What is included in your staging?

    A:  We provide everything needed to paint the picture for prospective buyers. Every home we stage is a custom effort, focused on highlighting the unique characteristics of the home. *We do not use televisions in our staging and window treatments are an additional cost.

    Q: How long is the staging process?

    A: Most homes take 1 business day to install. We stage on Mondays and Tuesdays, with multiple slots available each day.

    Q: How far outside of Nashville do you stage?

    A: We have a 30 minute drive maximum radius in any direction from our downtown Nashville warehouse. If you’d like to map your listing, our warehouse address is: 811 Vine St. Nashville, TN 37203