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Should I Stage My House?

How to get the most bang for your buck AND get your house sold!

I get it. Spending money on non-necessities when selling a property is tough. However, I do know that some expenses are well worth the investment and home staging is one that brings amazing returns.
If your house is empty and you would like to sell it for maximum price and quickly, you need to stage it. (Let me say that one more time)
If your house is empty and you would like to sell it for maximum price and quickly, you need to stage it. Staging is your best shot at getting max price, multiple offers, and a quick, closing sale.
“But Erin, houses are selling like hotcakes in my area right now! Why waste my money and bother with staging?”  Sure, if you’re in a hot market, your vacant home might still sell quickly. That said, I tell my clients all the time: staging is the difference between one offer and 10. Below asking and a bidding war. Having your pick of cash offers, quick closings, above asking, multiple back up offers OR taking the one lonely offer you get- and crossing your fingers that they don’t back out.

I’ve got great news:
You will SAVE and MAKE money by staging your home. Here are 3 reasons why and tips on how to do it right:

1. Your buyer will be more emotionally invested, meaning you will have to pay less for repairs, and you will close.

home staging

Home stagers are professional decorators. They know how to make a house look like a million bucks! Potential buyers will fall in love with the feeling they get when walking through your home- and they won’t be as likely to notice (or care) that the floor slopes a little in the master or the kitchen needs a bit of updating.
Most of my clients choose to leave the staging in the home throughout the inspection process. This way every time the buyer comes to the home, they fall in love with it all over again for sure. They can see themselves living there. They imagine where they’ll put their things (likely similarly to how it’s been staged) They may even ask you for your stager’s information so they can inquire about purchasing some of the staging. When that happens, you know they’re invested and you’re deal is very likely to go through.

2. You don’t have to stage the entire house!

Stage the entire house
When I’m working with clients on a budget, I always recommend staging living, dining, and master. Most people understand a bedroom is a bedroom and don’t need that picture painted as much. Doing a partial stage will save you money but still give almost as much impact as entire home staging. I recommend pricing both full home and Partial home staging and deciding from there. One extra tip on that: if you have any oddly shaped or undefined areas in your home, you will definitely want those staged so potential buyers can get an idea of what to do with those spaces.

3. You will sell faster and for more money

Staging Providers

The value staging provides is far greater than the expense. Our average staged home goes under contract in less than a week here in Nashville, TN.
Most of our clients are investors who know a thing or two about making money. If professional investors and home flippers are spending money on staging, isn’t that a good indicator that it’s the way to go?

If you want the best shot at success selling your vacant home, STAGE IT! Good luck and let us know if we can help! 

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