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Boutique Rentals for Small Events: Baby and Bridal Showers, Birthday & Dinner parties

Planning a smaller event but still want it to look like a million bucks? That’s where your local boutique rental company comes into play. {Here in the South, it’s yours truly, Spark Vintage Rentals} We LOVE helping regular people like us throw truly special and memorable events that look amazing! Don’t worry about buying decor that will just sit in your basement for the next 10 years and irritate your significant other. Your time and space are valuable and that’s why we rental companies exist! We’re here to help you curate the best pieces for your special moments. We make them appear and disappear exactly when you need them at a price you can afford. Problem: Solved.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate great design into your small event, giving it a high end feel on an appropriate budget. Keep in mind that most rental companies do have minimum orders (ours is currently $250 before sales tax and delivery fees) For this reason, it’s best to make sure you can get everything you need from one place, that way you will meet their minimum and make your planning and event smooth sailing!

1. A Special Seat for the Guest of Honor

special seat rental, super cool chair
Special Seat Rental

While multiple lounges can get price, One special chair for the guest(s) of honor can be super affordable! Our wicker peacock chairs rent for $65-$195 and make a very special statement! Want to get the most bang for your buck? When the honored guest isn’t sitting, turn it into a photo op for attendees- they will love the opportunity to snap a photo in a super cool chair and will be talking about your party for weeks to come!

2. Brass Candlesticks

brass candlesticks,colorful candles for rental
Brass Candlesticks Rental

For $1.15/ea, you can dress up any tablescape with brass candlesticks and some colorful candles to match the decor. Get creative with the color of your candle- don’t be afraid to go BOLD with neon pink or black- it will really give the look that WOW factor. Pro tip- burn the candles down a bit pre-party to vary the height, texture, and prevent wax from going everywhere!

3. Table Linens

We have an array of textiles that will dress any old table up and give it a custom feel. African mudcloths, indigo, sheepskin, etc- and these often rent for $20-$25 ea so they’re stylish and affordable.

4. Colorful Folding Chairs

colorful folding chairs, folding chairs for rental
Colorful Folding Chairs Rental

At $7.50 each, these colorful folding chairs are PERFECT for a kids birthday party or fun shower. We used them for my daughter’s first birthday party and they were a hit. They brought a festive vibe to the party and were super easy to put out, move around and put up when everyone went home.

5.Vintage Glassware

vintage glassware rental,glassware rental for parties
Vintage Glassware Rental

$1.50/glass is a steal that will make a huge impact with your guests. Make each attendee feel special with their unique one of a kind glass – they will be instagramming your party like no other!

Bonus Budget Tip: Trader Joe’s Flowers & Wine: Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place to hire a professional florist and go to your local liquor store. However if you’re looking to save money, for dinner, birthday parties and showers- TJ’s flowers & wine are the. way. to. Go! They have pros arranging their bouquets and they are awesome and affordable. Their wines are top notch tasting on at a budget friendly price. So many great wines in the $5 range that look and taste like a high dollar vino. Go there, stock up, have a party, repeat!

I hope these tips and tricks inspire you to reach out to your local specialty rental company (Call Spark Vintage Rentals if you’re in Middle Tennessee!) next time you’re planning a shindig and want it to be extra special!

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