Furnishing Dressing Rooms for Festivals

Furnishing Dressing Rooms for Festivals

One of our favorite things to do is provide furniture and decor for Music Festivals! The primary place that a lot of people don’t realize needs a lot of furniture is the artist dressing rooms. Music Festivals are typically “pop up” events in the middle of a field and draw a LOT of artists who require a space to call their own while they’re there. That’s where we come in. As a boutique rental company, we provide very cool, vibey furniture for the artists and their people to relax or work in before and after their sets. Often, we are furniture mobile trailers/storage pods, or large tents with pipe and drape dividers.

Let’s just say, they don’t start off pretty. We love to come in and hang tapestries, install lounge furniture (sofa, chairs, rugs, coffee tables) a lamp, a few plants and then it’s ready for the Artist relations team to come in and set up their food and beverages. Typically a festival will require around 10 dressing rooms and they flip them each day for the next batch of artists coming in. Here’s a behind the scenes look at

Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of our rentals in action in artist dressing rooms at music festivals:


Artist Dressing Room Trailer at Railbird Music Festival


Artist Dressing Room Room Trailer at Railbird Music Festival


Green Room at Moon River Festival


Moon River Festival Green Room


Railbird Festival Dressing Room Trailer

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